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Personalized Approach

Excellence and Professionalism

Logistics Covered

Reasonable Cost

Spark works with school districts to provide exactly what you need for your teachers to thrive. Whether that's a full-day workshop for a single department, a half-day teaching strategies seminar for a building, or a motivational convocation address for your entire district, Spark makes it easy for you.

Spark's Teacher Consultants are Teachers of the Year and other award-winning teachers from their home states, recognized nationally for their professionalism and excellence in the classroom as well as their districts and states. They bring this level of excellence to everything they do, including providing professional development for your teachers.

Spark figures out all the logistics for you. After a district liaison works with Spark to determine needs, Spark retains an award-winning Teacher Consultant and arranges logistics. Spark picks up the zoom tab too. You just pick a date, topic and format, and relax. We've got you covered.

Unlike larger corporate-style consultancies, Spark Teaching Group provides a personalized, unique service to each district or agency at an affordable cost. 

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