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Teacher participants in Spark workshops

I loved how Monica made all of her information approachable and welcoming and how she made this practical for everyday teaching.

Kareem was very open....I loved that it was like having a conversation. Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to and easy to listen to.

I liked hearing the personal stories from Leah of the brave refugees who came to North Dakota.

Great training. Sean engages attendees and gave them opportunities to use and understand tools. He shared resources on day 1 he would be using in day 2 if people were interested.

Megan was friendly and encouraged participants. She sought answers to questions if she didn’t know the answer herself. Wealth of resources shared! 

Bill was experienced in NGSS, and I really liked that. The NGSS seminars I've been to before, a lot of times, the speakers knew a lot about NGSS but didn't know what it was like to teach using NGSS in the classroom. But today, we were able to get some examples of how NGSS is being used in the classroom. I also felt like the speaker was very down to earth. I didn't feel overwhelmed to implement everything I learned but It was very practical.

Thank you so much for making this experience seamless! The phone call prior to the event to speak with the consultant was great. I would definitely recommend the Spark Teaching Group.

I really liked how flexible the presenter was. We had a plan and were able to adapt it to the needs of the teachers involved.

I found that the expertise of both presenters was great. They presented the topic in a way that was approachable while instilling the urgency in the work. I truly appreciate all the resources that were shared and how we can use most of them immediately in our next steps.

Spark consultants were very organized and receptive to emails. Our program staff reached a few days prior to the event to ensure a seamless process.

Partners: Schools, Districts and Organizations 
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Spark partnered with Learning Explorer for a panel discussion on PLCs. You can view the video for free, here

Arlee School District, Arlee, Montana

Champaign Unit 4 School District, Champaign, Illinois

CSPD Region 1, Montana

CSPD Region 2, Montana

Dawson County High School, Glendive, Montana

Dr. Preston Williams Elementary, Urbana, Illinois

Kern County School District, California

Montana Council for Exceptional Children

Neoga Elementary School, Neoga, Illinois

Regional Office of Education, Charleston, Illinois

Regional Office of Education 54, Champaign/Urbana, Illinois

Thomas Paine Elementary School, Urbana, Illinois

Tuscola Elementary School, Tuscola, Illinois

Urbana District 116, Urbana, Illinois


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