Workshop Catalog

Our Specialties

Topics can be customized to meet the needs of your district or agency. The following topics are in addition to standard subject areas including ELA, math, and science.

Distance Learning

Building teachers' facility in engaging students online and the practice of virtual instruction 

Culturally Responsive Instruction

Building teachers' skill in supporting  students' diversity and cultural needs 

Educational Equity

Fostering equity in classrooms and districts through pedagogy, curriculum choice, and classroom management






Instructional Coaching & Mentorship

Training teacher-leaders to serve as mentors and coaches

Gaming & Coding

Structuring competency-based learning and assessment experiences for students

Special Education

Assisting teachings in developing appropriate accommodations and meeting resource students' needs; paraprofessional training.

Inquiry- and Project-Based Learning

Building learning experiences around students' curiosty and building problem-solving skills

Social Emotional Learning

Fostering students' critical understanding of global issues and making connections to other cultures

Universal Design for Learning

Creating units and lessons that support this method of pedagogy

Teacher Leadership

Building teachers' sense of agency and efficacy through example and inspiration


Assisting teachers in learning to collaborate and co-teach across grade levels and disciplines

English Language Learners

Supporting ELLs in every context

Paraprofessional Training

Developing skills for parapros, who work closely with students but often need more complete support

Library Science

Supporting teachers across disciplines in teaching appropriate research and documentation skills



Helping teachers keep up with the ever-changing landscape of educationnal technology


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Recommended Formats

Every format is flexible and fully customizable to your district or agency's needs.

Keynote Address


Auditorium-style convocation speech

Themed keynote address

Large Group  Presentation


Hands-on, productive workshops for department or entire faculty  

Engaging presentations with audience interaction

Specific, focused skill-building for staff adopting new pedagogy

Small Group Workshop


Interactive breakout session

Skill-building workshop

Applied learning format

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