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Topics are customized to the needs of your district or agency. The following are in addition to standard subject areas including ELA, math, and science. Need something more? Email us! 


Most workshops are currently virtual. Please inquire about in-person support.

Building teachers' skill in supporting  students' diversity and cultural needs 


Fostering equity in classrooms and districts through pedagogy, curriculum choice, and classroom management


Assisting teachers in learning to collaborate and co-teach across grade levels and disciplines

Creating student-affirming spaces

Creating classroom environments that are welcoming and inclusive for all learners

Culturally Responsive Instruction


Fostering students' critical understanding of global issues and making connections to other cultures

 Family Engagement

Communicating with families about their child’s education 

Student Mental Health

What teachers can do to support student mental health without being counselors

Restorative Practices

Building student self-efficacy and resilience for a positive learning environment 

Gaming &

Structuring competency-based learning and assessment experiences for students

Policy for Teachers

Understanding educational policy in your state and how it affects you and your students

Celebrating Diversity

Building inclusivity into your classrooms and schools

Work-life Balance

Helping educators create healthy equilibrium between demands of teaching and home


Developing appropriate accommodations and meeting resource students' needs; paraprofessional training.

Supporting ELLs in every context

Helping teachers keep up with the ever-changing landscape of educational technology​







English Language

Virtual Formats

All-day workshops, conference sessions, group training for faculty/staff of individuals schools and districts.


Auditorium-style convocation speech

Themed keynote address

Large Group Presentation

Hands-on, productive workshops for department or entire faculty  

Engaging presentations with audience interaction

Specific, focused skill-building for staff adopting new pedagogy

Small Group Presentation

Interactive breakout session

Skill-building workshop

Applied learning format

Spark Teaching Group's Services

Personalized Approach

Spark works with school districts to provide exactly what you need for your teachers to thrive. Whether that's a full-day workshop for a single department, a half-day teaching strategies seminar for a building, or a motivational convocation address for your entire district, Spark makes it easy for you.


Spark figures out all the logistics for you. After a district liaison works with Spark to determine needs, Spark retains an award-winning Teacher Consultant and arranges logistics. Spark picks up the zoom tab too. You just pick a date, topic and format, and relax. We've got you covered.

Excellence and Professionalism

Spark's Teacher Consultants are Teachers of the Year and other award-winning teachers from their home states, recognized nationally for their professionalism and excellence in the classroom as well as their districts and states. They bring this level of excellence to everything they do, including providing professional development for your teachers.


Unlike larger corporate-style consultancies, Spark Teaching Group provides a personalized, unique service to each district or agency at an affordable cost. 


Email us for details, custom options, and a quote.

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